マニーロ Maniiro (Manillo)
Portrait BoFI GobiPortrait
173 cm (5'8")
110 kg (242.5 lbs)

Gobi is a character found in Breath of Fire.

Role in Breath of FireEdit

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Gobi is from a clan of traders who boast that they will one day control the world's commerce. Their trade area is any place that touches the sea. They are notorious for their greed, and Gobi is especially greedy even so far that his own clansmen shun him and he has been expelled by the clan leader. Because of this, his ability to transform into a huge fish is sealed and his life of commerce is very limited. However, Gobi still hasn't learned his lesson.

Gobi makes his way into the story as a merchant in Auria who offers to help for the price of a G.Bar Ryu after Ross's ship was destroyed. Gobi helps them out and gets them Gills which gives them the ability to breath underwater to go to Prima where they battle Morteo who is about to take an injured member of the Iron Ogre Clan. Later after Deis is awakened and has saved Prima Gobi is given back his license for his shop and the ability to transform into a Big Fish.

Field AbilitiesEdit

As a Manillo Gobi has the ability to breathe underwater. Also with the power of the Sphere, Gobi can become a Big Fish. In underwater battles Gobi can summon fish to battle for him. Gobi also has the ability to set up shop in the Market Shops in Prima and Tunlan where he can haggle with other merchants to sell off items in the party inventory or obtain rare items and equipment, including some of the characters best weapons and armor.


Gobi is an average fighter with little to offer in combat, he has average stats and levels slowly, he gains a bit more usefulness underwater as his unique spells become available. Gobi is also one of the allies Karn can fuse with.

Name Lv. Learned AP Cost Description
Ebb Lv. 10 3 AP Gobi summons a small school of fish to attack all enemies for 30 damage.
EbbX Lv. 14 5 AP Gobi summons a larger school of fish to attack all enemies for 50 damage
Eco Lv. 16 8 AP Gobi summons a school of large fish to attack all enemies for 70 damage
EcoX Lv. 17 10 AP Gobi summons a larger school of large fish to attack all enemies for 100 damage.
  • All spells are only available when Gobi is fighting underwater.


  • He is called Manillo in the Japanese version.
  • His hobby is making money
  • Possibly a glitch, the game will never notify the player when Gobi learns any of his spells.