Breath of Fire
マッスル Massuru (Muscle)
1200 0
140 80 70 100
1400 800
Element Dark
Row Front
Aiming Normal
AB priority 3
Location Stone Robot
Drop ProtnA (7/8)
ProtnB (1/8)
Drop rate 6.640625%
Actions Energy Ball
Chin Drop
Info -

Gremlin is a boss found in Breath of Fire.


The gremlin is a large green creature found in the Stone Robot. The gremlin once was the General who upon defeat shows his true form.

Strategy Edit

This boss is considered one of the most difficult in the game, due to the fact that the party is relatively underpowered at the time, specifically Ryu who does not have access to his Dragon forms yet. Bring lots of Cures, Herbs, and Acorns. You may want to save Nina's and Bo's magic (especially Fry) until the second wind, where the Gremlin's Breath attack will deal damage to every party member.

If you haven't already, move the party to the back row to decrease their damage intake; as they should all be using ranged attacks or magic, the decreased close-range damage will be irrelevant. A special note for Bo: Do NOT use the WolfHT, as it is a cursed item and will cause him to take increased damage. A BronzeHT is suggested instead.

Related EnemiesEdit

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