ハオチー Haochii (Hao Chi)
Sprite Hachio Sprite
Chef, Master
Requirement Have a Swallow Eye, a Beef Jerky, a MartianSquid, and an Angler in the inventory
HP 2 AP 2
Pwr 2 Def 1
Int 1 Agl 1
Skill Levels
Mighty Chop 2 Levels
Demonbane 4 Levels

Hachio/Haochi is a character within Breath of Fire III. He is the head Cook in Castle Wyndia and very loyal to Princess Nina, since he doesn't report her or the rest of the parties appearance in the lower levels of the castle similar to everyone else down there.

As a MasterEdit

Hachio/Haochi becomes available as a master once you enter Castle Wyndia again as Adult Ryu, after the events of getting a passport with Rei. He requires a Swallow Eye, a Beef Jerky, a MartianSquid, and an Angler as a requirement to become an apprentice. The MartianSquid is fishable between Mt. Myrneg and Eygnock Road. The Angler may be found in several places in the Urkan Region, as well as near the town Cliff.

Hachio gives the same positive stat bonuses as Bunyan does, although apprenticing under Hachio causes you to lose more Agility.

The Skills Hachio teaches are quite useful, Demonbane is one of only 3 Holy property attacks in the game. One might consider temporarily replacing Bunyan with Hachio only until all Skills have been taught, if the extra loss in Agility is not desirable.


  • Hachio/Haochi bears many similarities to Wild Cat from Breath of Fire II in design, occupation, and in teaching the Chopchop/Mighty Chop skill to a party member.
  • Like all Fullen/Worens prior to Breath of Fire IV, Hachio's original name in the Japanese version is Chinese. In his case, the original name in Japan is Haochi, which means "delicious" in Chinese.

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