ハイランド城 Hairando Shiro (Highland Castle)

Highfort is an unrevisitable location within Breath of Fire II. Highfort was built atop the remains of Obelisk, the flying fortress from Breath of Fire.


Highfort has now become home to the monkey like race the Highlanders. Located near the desert, Ryu must journey there to obtain the Famous Flute that will give him the ability to talk to those in Tunlan.

Sten, the Highlander that previously joined your party comes from there and will insist that he should not return. Turns out he was a general there who then left and is now ashamed to be seen again.

Sten then separates from the group as they go on adventuring in Highfort until they find themselves falling into a trap set by Shupkay, the general of the Highfort army.

As Sten goes on his own he meets up with his old friend Trubo with whom he ends up fighting mid air in falling rubble until they hit the water below them. After the fight they part ways as Sten continues on to find his friends trapped after he falls for the same trap as his friends.

The group carries on and finds out Shupkay is a Demon and plans on reawakining of Obelisk, she transforms and attacks the group. She successfully manages to activate the machine, but Trubo accidently damages the controlling part, which causes the machine to explode and severely damage the city. Not all is lost though as Ryu survives and you obtain the flute then say your goodbyes and head again for Tunlan.


  • Highfort's weapon mechanism is similar to that of the Carronade, both being weapons which uses a host and powers off their emotions.

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