Sprite Hondara Sprite
Urkan Tapa
Priest, Master
Requirement Learn Backhand from Durandal
HP 0 AP 2
Pwr 2 Def 0
Int 1 Agl 0
Skill Levels
Purify 2 Levels
Kyrie 5 Levels
Benediction 8 Levels
Will Holy property up

Hondara is a character within Breath of Fire III. He is a priest located in Urkan Tapa, and believes that enemies can be destroyed in a non-violent way.

As a MasterEdit

Reflecting his belief in non-violence, the only way to gain him as a master is to learn the non-lethal Backhand skill.

Early on, Hondara is a pretty useful master due to two abilities: Kyrie and Benediction. Later on in the game, he becomes outclassed by other masters.

Level up by 5 Levels and learn Kyrie before you venture into Angel Tower. By Ryu or Garr having the ability Kyrie (by either apprenticeship or passing along the skill), one of those 2 can use it in the Boss Battle vs. the Dragon Zombie to possibly 1-hit kill it. Ryu should also use the skill against Arwan later in the game for an instant kill.

Trivia Edit

Ironically, despite being a priest of Urkan Tapa, the hometown of Garr, Garr cannot benefit from him as a Master in any shape or form. Hondara focuses on magical properties, fields that Garr clearly lacks any skill in, making it pointless to apprentice Garr to him.

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