ハニー Hanii (Honey)
Sprite Honey Sprite
Station Myria

Honey is a character within Breath of Fire III.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Honey is the mechanical companion of Momo. She is a Chrysm powered robot from the Lost Shore.

In reality, Honey is a “navigator” (guides to the Myria orbital station, that contain numerous safety features as well as keys, called navigator codes). In the Kombinat there are many of Navigators in one of the rooms and in the Caer Xhan one of them is lying in the floor, but none of them seems to be “alive”. Each of the navigators has a “code”, what can be used as password (or login) to access portals. It appears that navigators were used widely in the past by a highly advanced civilization.

Honey also can make some objects (or creatures) levitate for a short amount of time (especially while it or its companion is in danger of falling from a height). She demonstrates this when she and Nina fall off of a balcony, though the act drains her of all her chrysm in the process, forcing Nina to find Momo to repair her.

Sometimes Honey enjoys cleaning a floor with a broom even if it isn't necessary. She also has a tendency to chase Peco around in various situation, such as at camp or on the Black Ship. Why she does this is unknown.

In some points of the story Honey will start dashing to some parts of the buildings as to guide the team to observe the important places (characters have no choice but to follow), where something interesting can happen. Also she tends to lead your character out of the complicated locations or escape from pursuit. Honey can also deactivate electronic locks on some of the doors in Station Myria.

Honey almost doesn’t talk at all, but understands everything that is happening around everybody and Momo understands it somehow.

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