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Jezuit is a character and one of the Regents found in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

Role in Breath of Fire: Dragon QuarterEdit

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Jezuit has the distinction of having the lowest D-Ratio of all of the Regents, a fact he wears proudly and uses to argue the folly of the system. Jezuit is laid back and carefree compared to his more serious minded colleagues and his attitude has caught the ire of Hortensia more than a few times. During the meetings he tends to sit back and let the other Regents squabble. Secretly, Jezuit is happy that Ryu is a Low-D as he feels Ryu's success is just proof of how silly the D-Ratio system is as a tool for establishing social hierarchy.

When Ryu and his group defeat Deamoned and enter the Centre, Jezuit and Hortensia make a bet about whether Ryu would succeed or not, Jezuit betting on Ryu to succeed while Hortensia believing he would fall. When Ryu and his group enter Jezuit's room, Jezuit toys with the group while showing off his power to become invisible. Jezuit commends Ryu for getting as far as he did and even sheepishly admits that he's been rooting for him as a fellow comrade with a not so great D-Ratio. Despite his admiration, Jezuit refuses to give his key to Ryu and instead challenges him to a match for it to prove to Jezuit that Ryu does truly deserve his respect. After his defeat, he commends Ryu on his resolve and dies with a smile on his face.


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Jezuit is one of the two possible final bosses of the Centre. He has the distinction of having the lowest ADB of all the Regents though his speed and range are some of the best. Jezuit's main power is Shadowwalk, which makes Jezuit Invisible for a few rounds, making it impossible to target him. While in his Shadowwalk state, Jezuit performs punishing combos like Backflip, while in his normal mode, he performs status inducing attacks like Shotgun. 

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