"Hmm, what if the machines weren't made to use chrysm as energy, but they're using chrysm as a substitute for something else?"
— Junk Town Citizen
Junk Town
ジャンク村 Janku Mura (Junk Village)
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Junk Town is a location within Breath of Fire III. It is the home of the Machine Guild.


Junk Town is the home of the Machine Guild. True to its name, there are piles and piles of scrap metal and junk parts towering and encasing the town. As the central hub of the Machine Guild, it is also associated with the Porter's Guild, acting as the main location where the Porter's Guild gets parts for both market-based distribution and for ship repairs. Ryu and the party come to Junk Town in hopes of finding out what happened to the Porter's Guild ship, as they require it to cross the Outer Sea. They find Beyd and two sailors here, but don't get a chance to interact with them right away. Beyd, now the Guildmaster, inquires about the ship, as it had been damaged and was now under repairs, but the repairs are taking longer than expected. One of the workmen here allows Beyd (and by extension the party) to access the Dock, where the ship is being repaired. After the events at the Dock, the party (minus Momo) return here to get permission from the Machine Guild boss to access Steel Beach so they can find parts to help repair the ship. He, at first, doesn't want to, but concedes because the party can help speed the repairs up, since thanks to Momo, they know exactly what they need to find to repair the ship.

Items Edit

Shops Edit

Item Store
Item Price
Titan Belt3,000 Z
High Boots3,000 Z
Wisdom Ring3,000 Z
Lion's Belt3,000 Z
Dynamite200 Z
Weather Vane200 Z
Taser200 Z
Belladonna200 Z
Firecracker200 Z
Icicle200 Z
Weapon Store
Item Price
Flame Chrysm500 Z
Ice Chrysm500 Z
Shotgun Shell2,200 Z
Barbarossa12,000 Z
Thunder Rod9,500
Gigantess8,800 Z

Game Data Edit

The Master Wynn can be found hiding behind the building where the Tea Cup is located.


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