カーン Kaan (Kahn)
Portrait KahnFace1 Sprite
HP +20 AP 4
Pwr +3 Def 0
Wis 3 Agl +1
Skill Criteria
Focus 300 Encounters
Shout 400 Encounters
Tiger Fist 500 Encounters
Flex 600 Encounters
Will Valor - Revives Fallen Party Member
"Hey, you! Don't pick on Kahn like that! He's not as strong as he think he is!"
Una about Kahn

Kahn is a character within Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IVEdit

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Kahn first appears as bodyguard in the city of Synesta to the greedy merchant Marlok. In order to get information of Elina's whereabouts the party defeats Kahn in battle, after which Marlok congratulates the group and invites them inside.

In order to regain his pride as a warrior, Kahn leaves to train with Una from the Woren. After the group's travels bring them to Village of Worent, they stumble upon Kahn, whom attacks the party. Easily dispatched of, Una yells at the team for picking at Kahn and wounds his honor further by indirectly calling him weak.

This only serves to encourage his way of living further, and the party encounters him again in Shikk. Although ready to battle the team again, Ursula cuts the process short by humorously defeating him with a single shot from her gun. This doesn't serve as retribution enough however, as Kahn chases after the team by swimming after their ship and jumps on the deck.

After this defeat, he finally recognizes the team's strength. He swims ashore north of Saldine and as the party approaches him he offers himself to train the team as a Master.


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Kahn is fought three times during the course of the game.


  • Kahn is a comic relief of the game, believing he is the strongest warrior yet constantly being beaten by Ryu and his party.


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