カーマのとう Kaama no Tou (Karma Tower)
Northwest of Winlan

Karma is a location within Breath of Fire.


Located northwest of Winlan and west of Romero. It is home to a Wizard and has been overrun by monsters. When Nina arrives at Karma in search of Remedy, she kills two phantom siblings named Morte and Mortea. She eventually meets and battles the Wizard of Karma, but loses. However, Ryu manages to find and defeat him, while saving the girls and Nina in the process.

In search of a remedy for the King of Winlan, Nina, and two Winlan soldiers, enters Karma. While in the tower, the party meets and kills the two phantom siblings, Morte and Mortea. After reaching the top of the tower, they stumble upon 3 girls who claim that the Wizard was performing experiments on them. To prevent further experimentation, Nina extends the bridge, allowing them to make their way back to Romero. Proceeding down the staircase on the left side, Nina finally meets the Wizard. However, much to her dismay, he fills the room with Xeon Gas, which weakens all members of the Wing Clan. Fighting at a disadvantage, the party falls to the Wizard, while one of the soldiers flee and reports back to Winlan to inform the Queen of the bad news. Concerned, the Queen asks Ryu to join the search party that they will be sending to Karma. Agreeing to help, Ryu and flown, by the Wing Clan, to Karma.

After landing on the top of the tower, the soldier escorts Ryu to the Wizard. Because of the gas, the soldier cannot help Ryu and wishes him luck. Entering the room, Ryu arrives just in time to save Nina, from a red liquid that resembled lava. Annoyed, the Wizard fights Ryu. After the battle, Nina, who is relived to be save by Ryu, collaspes into Ryu's arm. Ryu gets the remedy and hurries back Winlan with it and Nina.




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