Breath of Fire
しょうぐん Shougun (Military Commander)
450 80
114 60 50 60
2800 2000
Element Dark
Row Front
Aiming Normal
AB priority 2
Location Nanai
Drop F.Stn (7/8), T.Drop (1/8)
Drop rate 13.28125%
Actions -
Info Found only during an event.

The Knight is a boss found in  Breath of Fire

Role in Breath of FireEdit

Knights are mid-ranked members in the Dark Dragon Army, above the footsoldiers and below the Generals. Ryu first encounters a Knight in the depths of Nanai's Gaia Temple, while searching for the source of the earthquakes. When Ryu stumbles upon him he claims he is going to take over the world with the machine that holds a key, but is defeated and killed there.

The party later runs into a second Knight in Auria while attempting to depart for Scande aboard Ross' ship. He has attempted to persuade Ross into handing the Light Key to them, but the party's actions foil his plans and he attacks them at the port. After he is defeated, he gives a signal for the Dark Dragon navy to sink the ship. The party later meets him again aboard the Dark Dragon Ship, where he morphs into the Squid to face them. When defeated, he claims his brother will get revenge and dies.

Related EnemiesEdit


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