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クランク Kuranku (Kryrik)
Portrait KryrikFace Sprite
Requirement Perform a combo of 25 hits or more
HP +25 AP 2
Pwr +3 Def +2
Wis 2 Agl 2
' Criteria
Megaphone Perform a combo of 30 hits or more
Spirit Blast Perform a combo of 40 hits or more
Cleave Perform a combo of 50 hits or more
Disembowel Perform a combo of 70 hits or more
Will Finale-Finish off weakened opponent

Kryrik is a character within Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IVEdit

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Kryrik is one of the three sailing brothers in Shikk who sails to the Fou Empire regularly. He trained Kahn when the man came to him following his previous defeat.

Kryrik accepts the Salt Stone as the blessing of the Sea Dragon, but like his brothers, considers women a bad omen on the sea. He was not surprised that Ursula defeated him, and dueled Nina on the main sail in order for her to prove her worth.

Later in the game, Kyryik can be a master provided the necessary requirements are made. He is a strong physical attacker and as such is great for characters like Cray, or Scias if he's focusing on physical damage. Finale is good on a physical attacker as well, to clean up any weakened enemies. 

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