リー Rii
Sprite Lee Sprite
Requirement Find in Eastern Checkpoint
HP 0 AP 0
Pwr 0 Def 0
Int 1 Agl 0
Formation Levels
Magic 3 Levels

Lee is a character within Breath of Fire III.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

She is one of the kids that Ryu encounters in Wyndia that has information on Teepo. They only agree to tell you if you play Hide-and-seek with them. After you find the 4 of them, Bais tells Ryu that Teepo went running towards Eygnock Road.

When you return to Wyndia with Ryu as an adolescent, she and the other 3 members of the gang offer themselves to you as Masters if you play Hide-and-seek with them again.

As a MasterEdit

Lee becomes available as a master once you enter Wyndia as adolescent Ryu and agree to play Hide-and-seek with her and the gang. Once you find her and the other 3 members they offer their services to you as Masters. Lee is in Checkpoint in East Wyndia. Like Bais, Lee gives you a new battle formation rather than abilities.

Magic Form is one of the other more useful battle formations in Breath of Fire III. In this formation the person in the back has their Intelligence increased by 50%, while the other two members in the front have their Intelligence decreased by 25% each. With no negative impact to Defense or Power, as well as lowering the chance the person in the back is a target of enemy attack, this is a good form to take if you want to stick a support character in the back like Momo, or to beef up a magician like Nina.