Life (きつけやく, Kitsukeyaku?, lit. "Waking Medicine") or LifePL are recovering items found in Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II.


Breath of FireEdit

"This will put you back into fighting shape."
— Game description
"A warrior is brought back from defeat with 1 Hit Point"
— Manual Description

Life is an item found through Breath of Fire that can be used to bring a fallen character back to life. It can be sold for 500 GP.

Recovery Item Revives a party member with 1HP
Target Single
Purchased Drogen, Winlan, Camlon, Romero, Tuntar, Auria, Bleak, Prima, Dream World,World of Dreams
Found Forest of Despair, Auria, Bleak, Agua, Lake Cave, Krypt, Winlan, Winsdon, Tock, D.Keep
Dropped Zard, Talon, S.Rider, Lancer, Ruga, Ameblob, Roach, EyeSpy, Scorp, Prickle, SpearMan, Fishy, LancerX, Wraith, Fungus, K.Roach, Phoenix, Rogue, Jade, Goddess, Sara, Zoom, G.Knight, Shadow, Spider, Buzzer, BlazeX, M.Flea, CrawlerX, D.Rider, Cactus, CactusX, Entity, D.Knight
Cost 400G (Camlon), 450G (Drogen, Prima), 500G (Bleak, Romero, Winlan, Tuntar, Dream World), 600G (Bleak), 550G (Prima), 650G (Prima)

Breath of Fire IIEdit

"Recover HP and all ability"
— game description
Recovery Item Revives an party member
Target Single
Purchased HomeTown, Coursair, Windia, Capitan, SimaFort, Tunlan, FarmTown, Guntz, Evrai, Dologany
Dropped Mummy, Archer, Stamen, W.Bear, D.Spider, Zombie, Algermon
Cost 500Z

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