List of the enemies within Breath of Fire III. A name in italics indicates a boss.


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Adept Sprite Amalgam Sprite Ammonite Sprite Angler Sprite ArchMage Sprite Armor Sprite
Adept Amalgam Ammonite Angler Arch Mage Armor
ArmorBot Sprite Arwan Sprite Assassin Sprite Audrey Sprite
Armor Bot Arwan Assassin Audrey


Balio Sprite BarbBulb Sprite Bat Sprite Berserker Sprite BigBulb Sprite BloodBat Sprite BlueGoblin Sprite Bolt Sprite BoltArcher Sprite BoltLord Sprite BoltMage Sprite Bomber Sprite BombSeed Sprite BossGoblin Sprite Bully1 Sprite
Balio Barb Bulb Bat Berserker Big Bulb Blood Bat Blue Goblin Bolt Bolt Archer Bolt Lord Bolt Mage Bomber Bomb Seed Boss Goblin Bully 1
Bully2 Sprite Bully3 Sprite
Bully 2 Bully 3


Cacti Sprite Cawer Sprite Cerebus Sprite CharybScylla Sprite Chimera Sprite Walking Animation Clone Sprite Codger Sprite Curr Sprite
Cacti Cawer Cerebus Charyb Chimera Claw Clone Codger Curr


DeathBot Sprite Dodai Sprite Dolphin Sprite Dragonfly Sprite DragonLord Sprite
Death Bot Dodai Dolphin Dragonfly Dragon Lord
DragonZombie Sprite Drak Sprite Doksen Sprite
Dragon Zombie Drak Doksen


EggGang Sprite Elder Sprite Emitai Sprite Engineer Sprite EyeBulb Sprite EyeGoo Sprite
Egg Gang Elder Emitai Engineer Eye Bulb Eye Goo


FireSlug Sprite FlyMan Sprite Foreman Sprite FoulWeed Sprite
Fire Slug Fly Man Foreman Foul Weed


Gaist Sprite Galtel Sprite GarrContestofChampions Sprite Gary Sprite Gazer Sprite Ghost Sprite Ghoul Sprite
Gaist Galtel Garr Gary Gazer Ghost Ghoul
GiantCrab Sprite GiantOrc Sprite GiantRoach Sprite Gisshan Sprite Goblin Sprite GoldEgg Sprite Golem Sprite Gonger Sprite Gonghead Sprite Gooey Sprite
Giant Crab Giant Orc Giant Roach Gisshan Goblin Gold Egg Golem Gonger Gonghead Gooey
GooKing Sprite GooTitan Sprite Guard Sprite
Goo King Goo Titan Guard


Hobgoblin Sprite Hopper Sprite HugeSlug Sprite HyperBot Sprite
Hobgoblin Hopper Huge Slug Hyper Bot


IceDrake Sprite IceToad Sprite Insector Sprite
Ice Drake Ice Toad Insector


Kassen Sprite KingToad Sprite
Kassen King Toad


LavaMan Sprite Lizard Sprite LizardMan Sprite
Lava Man Lizard Lizard Man


MadGong Sprite MageGoo Sprite Magmaite Sprite ManTrap Sprite Manmo Sprite Mikba Sprite Miner Sprite
Mad Gong Mage Goo Magmaite Man Trap Manmo Mikba Miner
MistMan Sprite Mogu Sprite MultiBot Sprite Mutant Sprite MyriaIIIBoss Sprite
Mist Man Mogu Multi Bot Mutant Myria


Newt Sprite NightBat Sprite Nitemare Sprite Nue Sprite NutArcher Sprite NutMage Sprite NutTroop Sprite
Newt Night Bat Nitemare Nue Nut Archer Nut Mage Nut Troop


BoFIII OperatorIdle Orc Sprite
Operator Orc


PainWeed Sprite Patrio Sprite Phantom Sprite PipeBomb Sprite Plant42 Sprite Pooch Sprite ProtoBot Sprite PuffGoo Sprite
Pain Weed Patrio Phantom Pipe Bomb Plant 42 Pooch Proto Bot Puff Goo


RankWeed Sprite Reaper Sprite RedDrake Sprite Revenant Sprite Ripper Sprite Roach Sprite Rocky Sprite
Rank Weed Reaper Red Drake Revenant Ripper Roach Rocky


Nue Sprite HugeSlug Sprite Mikba Sprite Sample4 Sprite
Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4
Angler Sprite Ammonite Sprite Manmo Sprite Rocky Sprite
Sample 5 Sample 6 Sample 7 Sample 8
Gaist Sprite Sample10 Sprite Sample11 Sprite Sample12 Sprite Scorpion Sprite
Sample 9 Sample 10 Sample 11 Sample 12 Scorpion
CharybScylla Sprite Shroom Sprite Slasher Sprite Sleepy Sprite Slug Sprite Spectre Sprite Spiker Sprite Stallion Sprite
Scylla Shroom Slasher Sleepy Slug Spectre Spiker Stallion
Sunder Sprite


TankBot Sprite TarMan Sprite Thanotos Sprite Thrasher Sprite Thunder Sprite Torast Sprite File:Torch Sprite.gif ToxicFly Sprite ToxicMan Sprite BoFIII TrickerIdle
Tank Bot Tar Man Thanotos Thrasher Thunder Torast Torch Toxic Fly Toxic Man Tricker


Vagabond Sprite Vampire Sprite VileWeed Sprite Volt Sprite Vulcan Sprite
Vagabond Vampire Vile Weed Volt Vulcan


BoFIII WeretigerFrontSideIdle Sprite BoFIII WorkerIdle Wraith Sprite
Weretiger Worker Wraith


Zig Sprite Zombie Sprite ZombieDoctor Sprite
Zig Zombie Zombie Doctor

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