Armor Edit

Armor Defense Weight Cost Usable by Acquire
Bum'sCL 2 2 All Initial: Ryu, Bow, Katt, Nina, Sten, Spar
Find: Corsair, WindiaFt
SuedeAR 6 5 300 Ryu, Bow, Rand, Sten, Jean Initial: Rand, Jean
Buy: HomeTown, Corsair, TownShip (Baretta's Shop)
Find: Capitan
LeotrdCL 6 3 350 Katt, Nina, Bleu Buy: Corsair
HolyRB 8 4 530 All but Rand Buy: Windia
Resist: Holy
RangerCL 8 2 510 Ryu, Bow, Sten Buy: Corsair
ChainML 12 6 720 Ryu, Bow, Katt, Sten, Jean Buy: Windia
SpiritRB 12 0 7,500 All Buy: Manillo (Southwest of Cotland)
Find: SkyTower
Resist: Fire, Thunder, Holy
JahAR 17 9 Ryu, Bow, Katt, Sten, Jean Find: Fishing spot West of Surfy's house
Drop: Kimoto
Resist: Fire
WiseRB 18 4 3,000 Nina, Spar, Bleu Buy: Manillo (Southwest of Wildcat restaurant)
Find: WitchTwr
Resist: Thunder
IronML 20 6 1,400 Ryu, Bow, Katt, Sten, Jean Buy: Manillo (Northeast of Corsair), SimaFort
IronAR 22 9 1,350 Ryu, Sten, Jean Buy: SimaFort
BreathAR 25 3 2,500 All but Rand Buy: TownShip (Baretta's Shop), Tunlan
Find: SimaFort
Resist: Holy
OceanRB 27 4 Nina, Spar, Bleu Buy: TownShip (Baretta's Shop), Tunlan
Find: SimaFort
Wisdom +3 Resist: Ice
QuickCL 27 0 1,600 Bow, Sten Buy: Tunlan
Find: Highfort
StoneAR 28 50 Rand Drop: S.Idol, Ganga, S.Golem, M.Golem
MightyAR 30 10 2,980 Ryu, Bow, Sten, Jean Buy: TownShip (Leminton's Shop)
GoldAR 31 42 Ryu, Jean Find: W.Tunnel
MagmaAR 35 15 4,700 Ryu, Sten, Jean Buy: TownShip (Hekeller's Shop)
Find: Mt.Maori
Resist: Fire
SilverAR 40 12 5,800 Ryu, Bow, Sten, Jean Buy: Inheart, TownShip (Karashnikofu's Shop)
WisdomRB 42 2 8,200 All but Rand Buy: Hut Island
Drop: Magicmas
Wisdom +5 Resist: Holy
FrozenAR 43 15 Ryu, Sten, Jean Find: SkyTower
Resist: Ice
EarthAR 44 15 6,100 Ryu, Sten, Jean Buy: SkyTower, TownShip (Baretta's Shop)
Find: Memory
Resist: Thunder
WindRB 47 2 Katt, Nina, Bleu Find: SkyTower
Vigor +10 Resist: Thunder
BlndedAR 52 26 12,000 Ryu, Jean Buy: Guntz
BraveAR 60 6 10,000 Ryu, Bow, Katt, Sten, Jean Buy: Hut Island, Manillo (Southwest of Cotland)
Offense +5
RainbwRB 61 4 Katt, Nina, Spar, Bleu Find: St.EvaCh, TownShip (Othello game)
Resist: Fire, Ice
CrmsnCL 64 6 All but Rand Find: St.EvaCh
Cast: Sap Resist: Fire
MotherRB 66 8 28,000 All but Rand Buy: Hut Island
Find: St.EvaCh
Cast: Cure1 Resist: Holy
MamothCL 69 18 Katt, Rand Drop: Mamot
Resist: Ice
Noe'sRB 70 4 Katt, Nina, Bleu Find: Infinity
Resist: Fire, Holy
HeroAR 71 16 25,000 Ryu, Sten, Jean Buy: TownShip (Baretta's Shop)
Find: Infinity
Offense +5
SacredSH 74 12 Ryu, Bow, Sten, Jean Drop: K.Sludge
Resist: Holy
DragonAR 78 0 Ryu Find: Infinity
Resist: Fire
LifeAR 80 25 Ryu, Sten, Jean Find: Fishing Spot East of Showcave's south exit
Regenerates HP Resist: Holy

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