Item Usage
A.Ptn Permanently increases agility by 1 point
Acorn Recover 20 AP
Antdt Cure poison
Antler Cure poison
Apple Recover 60 HP
B.Stn (Bolt Stone) Cast thunder spell in battle
C.Fsh One party member becomes fully healthy
C.Stn (Cold Stone) Use ice attack in battle
Charm Status returns to normal
Cure Recover some HP
Cure2 Party recovers all HP
DkKiss Item used during battle
F.Stn (Fire Stone) Use fire attack in battle
Herb Recover 50 HP
L.Ptn Permanently increase Luck by 1 point
Life Cure stun state with 1 HP
Life2 Cure stun state with all HP recovered
M.Drop Entire party becomes fully healthy
Mackrl Cure poison
Meat Recover some HP of entire party
Melon Recover some HP
Mrbl1 Produce one fatal attack in battle
Mrbl2 Produce one fatal attack in battle
Mrbl3 Travel without enemy encounters for a limited time
S.Ptn Permanently increase strength by 1 point
Snapr One party member becomes fully healthy
Sole Recover some HP
Srdine Recover some HP
T.Drop Cure zombie status
Trout Cure poison status and recover some HP
Tuna One party member becomes fully healthy
V.Ptn Permanently increase Vigor by 1 point
W.Ant Recover some AP
W.Ptn Permanently increase Wisdom by 1 point
Wmeat Party recover all HP

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