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McNeil Village

Loki is a character within Breath of Fire III.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Loki is a resident of McNeil Village, and is first met after Ryu, Teepo and Rei save the village by defeating the Nue. Impressed by their strength, and hoping to get rich quick, he convinces them that McNeil is corrupt and taxes the people of the village. He gets them to break into McNeil Manor and steal the tax money to distribute to the villagers. What Loki was unaware of, however, was that McNeil had connections to the crime organization. The villagers gave back the stolen money knowing he was involved with dangerous people, and once Loki caught wind of this he ran away, leaving Rei and co. to their fates.

He is seen again after you return to McNeil village with Ryu as an adolescent, happily talking with an investigator from Wyndia about McNeil. After Rei meets with Ryu in Cedar Woods, Rei is relieved to see him alive but still vows revenge for the people who broke up his family, and he goes off towards McNeil village. Upon Ryu's arrival, Loki is seen on the floor surrounded by people, alive but having received several wounds from Rei.


  • ZuruZuru is the sound of a snake in Japanese, the symbol of betrayal.


  • It is unconfirmed whether or not that Loki ran away from McNeil Village and escaped to the Cliff.

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