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Lost Shore
彼の地 Kare no Chi (That Land)
Lost Shore
The Lost Shore is a region of the world in Breath of Fire III.


After arriving at Kombinat's dock, the party discovers, that the machines seem to come from a desert north of them, which is seperated from the lost shore by a mountain range. They pass through the Steel Grave and go to the Colony, a deserted village, where they find a portal. After getting said portal up and running, they pass through that portal back to Steel Beach.

After some repairings in Steel Beach, the party uses the portal drive to come to Dragnier, the last village of the Brood, where Ryu learns more about the war of his folk with the goddess Myria about 500 years ago. He also obtains the Infinity gene, which allows him to transform into his ultimate dragon form, the Kaiser.

The party then leaves Dragenier, and heads north to the Factory. After passing through the factory, the party ends up camping at the edge of the Desert of Death.

Notable LocationsEdit

Game DataEdit

  • The Trance gene can be found next to Yggdrasil north of Kombinat
  • A Manillo shop can be found in the fishing spot east of Kombinat
Lost Shore Manillo Store
Item Fish 1 Fish 2 Fish 3
Royal Sword Whale X1 Spearfish X3 Barandy X1
Life Armor Whale X1 Spearfish X1 Barandy X3
Cupid's Lyre Whale X1 Barandy X2 Red Catfish X5
Shaman'sRing Whale X1 Spearfish X3 Red Catfish X5
Ivory Dice Spearfish X1 Red Catfish X1 Mackerel X5
Skill Ink Spearfish X1 Devilfish X1

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