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リタ Rita
Portrait LytaFace Sprite
Requirement A party member must be apprenticed under the master Gyosil
HP 0 AP +1
Pwr 0 Def 1
Wis +1 Agl 0
Skill Criteria
Supplication Ryu must be at level 20 or more
Holy Strike Ryu must be at level 25 or more
Resist Ryu must be at level 30 or more
Benediction Ryu must be at level 35 or more
Will Guard-Protect other characters

Lyta is a character within Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IVEdit

Lyta is a nun who takes care of children at an orphanage in Synesta. After receiving help from Ryu and his party locating the children, she reveals that Princess Elina came by to visit the children but is unaware of what happened to her after she left. She is, however, able to give some information on Marlok, whom Chino says approached Elina when she was leaving town.

Lyta is available as a master. In order to apprentice under her, you must first know the skill Ward, which is obtained from Gyosil whenever he is a party member's current master. By the time Lyta has been obtained, there are better options for masters, but Ursula could take advantage of the boosts to Wisdom without sacrificing her power. The skills can be useful on Nina, or Ryu with Holy Strike.