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BoFV VioletZenoRender

Zeno is the Captain of the Rangers and superior to Bosch and Ryu. She sends Ryu and Bosch out on the guard duty mission that ends with Ryu meeting Nina. Bosch wishes she would start giving him more notable missions to increase his reputation but Zeno feels Bosch is too impetuous. (more...) (Vote!)

  • Spleepoppetween

    Theres some more info on Breath of Fire 6 that was just released a few days ago!

    First off lets start with the new characters, they include:

    Klaus - A great knight of the Schwartz Empire, may be involved with the invasion of Dragnier

    Elise - Also a part of the Schwartz Empire (Also has a ugly outfit)


    Read more >
  • Spleepoppetween

    New info on 6 again, more of the story is revealed (Which in no way I can translate) but here are two new characters.


    And Gilliam which is a name used before in the Japanese version of BoF for Bo

    So far we've seen 4 New characters including our Nina, what do you think about the characters so far…

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  • Spleepoppetween

    If any of you noticed the site for Breath of Fire 6 has been updated reveiling some of the story, the map, the battle system, and two female characters. I'll be trying my best to translate this but I can't promise much as I usually go to check for this but the site has been down for…

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  • Saint Agnis Dragon

    Holloween is just around the corner and was thinking that some of the characters from the series would really make great costumes this yr. I've seen tons of Mario and a few Links before but it would be awesome to see someone make a Ryu outfit or see someone dressed as Nina. If anyone has any Ideas …

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  • DilsDileva

    Image template

    August 19, 2013 by DilsDileva

    Sooo, I've been fooling around at the shipping wiki for a while now, and since 95% of the images there are fanart, I made a template to hold author and image source and whatnot, and I thought that it might be a good thing to add here. Not sure about the wiki's policy of fanart though, so we might e…

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Artwork of Klaus from Breath of Fire 6.


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