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McNeil Manor
マクニール邸 Makuniiru Tei (McNeil Residence)
Rei finds the entrance
Yraall Region

McNeil Manor is an unrevisitable location within Breath of Fire III.


McNeil Manor is where Mayor McNeil lives. Ryu, Rei, and Teepo decide to sneak into the Manor after getting the idea from Loki to steal back the tax money and return it to the people of McNeil Village. Despite having several guards watching the perimeter outside the Manor, 4 guards standing in front of the main door, as well as a dog guarding the main gate, Ryu and the gang eventually sneak in through a poorly fixed wall, and with Rei distracting the door guards, get in the manor. Inside Ryu and Teepo fight several ghosts, who introduce themselves as the former McNeil's. Eventually after meeting up with Rei on the roof they defeat the ghosts combined form and steal the money back.

After Ryu matures and returns to McNeil Manor, it is seen crawling with investigators and soldiers from Wyndia and Mayor McNeil is hauled off to Castle Wyndia for his involvement with the Crime organization.




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