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McNeil Village
マクニール村 Makuniiru Mura (McNeil Village)
BoFIII McNeilVillage 9
Yraall Region
"Did you know the lord of this village is named McNeil? That's why it's named McNeil Village--simple, no?"
— Villager

McNeil Village is a location within Breath of Fire III. It is a small village located in the Yraall Region. The village is run by a greedy mayor, McNeil.


After Rei discovers Ryu naked in the forest, he takes him home to rest then heads to the village with Teepo to try and steal some food. Ryu arrives in the village and meets up with Rei and Teepo as they are fleeing from someone's home. They break into the weapon shop to steal some armor for Ryu, then escape to the farm. Later in the game, the group is ambushed here by the angry villagers.

Notable ResidentsEdit


McNeil Village Item ShopEdit

Item Zenny
Healing Herb 10
Croc Tear 5
Antidote 12
Eye Drops 20
Molotov 10
Ammonia 200
Wooden Rod 40
Worm 20
Toad 20
Old Popper 20
Sinker 20

McNeil Village Weapon ShopEdit

Weapon/Armor Zenny
Ballock Knife 100
Bronze Sword 240
Leather Armor 180
Bracers 30
Cloth Shield 150
Bandana 30
Brass Helm 120



See AlsoEdit

  • For a list of treasures within McNeil Village, see here.

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