Breath of Fire III Boss
ミクバ Mikuba
Mikba Sprite
2400 200
Pwr Def Agl Int
110 52 17 50
EXP Zenny
3000 1500
FlameIconIII Sprite FrostIconIII Sprite ElectricIconIII Sprite
3 3 3
EarthIconIII Sprite WindIconIII Sprite HolyIconIII Sprite
3 3 5
PsionicIconIII Sprite StatusIconIII Sprite DeathIconIII Sprite
4 7 7
Location Dauna Checkpoint
Steal Silver Mail
Steal Rate 12, 1/32
Abilities Venom Breath
Info Reprisal
Lucky Strike
Main article: Mikba

Mikba is a boss within Breath of Fire III, he is fought at the Dauna Checkpoint whilst trying to escape from Rei.


1/1 Abilities Sprite
1/1 StatusIconIII Sprite Venom Breath
Condition 2nd turn
1/2 Attack Sprite
1/2 Abilities Sprite
2/8 NormalIconIII Sprite Multistrike
3/8 NormalIconIII Sprite Resist
3/8 StatusIconIII Sprite Venom Breath
Condition HP <= Max HP/2
1/4 Attack Sprite
3/4 Abilities Sprite
4/8 NormalIconIII Sprite Multistrike
2/8 StatusIconIII Sprite Venom Breath
2/8 EarthIconIII Sprite Quake


Rei is required for this battle and starts the battle KO'd, so when you revive him, he may be instantly KO'd by Mikba. If Rei survives long enough, he automatically goes into Weretiger and can go berserk and attack the party unless you have Influence.

Ryu should buff the party with Shield at least twice and then use the Fusion Gene via to get Shadowwalk via Rei. The third party member should be Nina and she should have Influence and target Mikba. If she also has Shield from Yggdrasil, use it once or twice for good measures. Follow it up with moves like Magic Ball, Simoon, and Iceblast. Throw in a Meditate for good measures if she has it. Heal the party when necessary after Mikba's powerful physical attacks and expect to revive Rei once or twice. Also carry plenty of Antidotes and Blowfish, since Mikba has Venom Breath.

The biggest risk is Mikba's high Reprisal rate, which almost always happens when he's struck. Plus he tends to get Lucky Strikes extremely frequently, especially during counterattacks, so keep an eye on your HP and heal immediately when it gets down at least halfway. Since Rei is always attacking and cannot be manually controlled, he has the highest risk of counterattacks and Lucky Strikes, so keep an eye on him. Fortunately, this also means that Mikba will always get attacked each turn, so if the other characters are forced on the defensive, Rei's constant attacks will help whittle Mikba down.

Should you use Garr instead of Nina, make sure he has Influence and have him use items when necessary and deal damage to Mikba. If he has it, Focus can be used to bolster his attacks to deal more damage. Plus his naturally high HP and Defense allow him to survive several strikes if needed. Either way, Mikba will be slain in the end.

  • As Mikba is a Devil-type foe, a Demonbane in Ryu's hands (and in dragon form) will deal much more damage to him with normal attacks and any physical based skills like Shadow Walk, Super Combo and Double Hit. The blade can be acquired as early as possible in a developed Fairy Village through Exploration (Distant), at the time when you leave the Dauna Mines as a adult.
  • The Demonbane is not necessary to progress the game, but besides Mikba is proves useful later against Gaist.

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