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Mt. Glaus
グラウス山 Gurausu Yama (Glaus Mountain)
Yraall Region

Mt. Glaus is a location in Breath of Fire III. It is a mountain to the north of Cedar Woods and is home to the Nue.

"A rough mountain... Usually avoided by people... There's a strange voice..."


When Ryu, Teepo, and Rei are punished in Cedar Woods for stealing from Bunyan, he initially sends Rei there to kill the Nue. After Ryu and Teepo finish their wood chopping assignment, they quickly venture to Mt. Glaus looking for him. After reaching a small, resting house, Teepo and Ryu decides to rest there for the night and resume in the morning. After they finish conversing, Teepo hears a noise and quickly gets startled by it. Luckily, it was just Rei. Apparently, Rei used his weretiger ability, but was unable to find the Nue. The group converses and rests for the night. In the morning, the group is awakened by the Nue's cries. Acting quickly, they engage the Nue in-battle and force it to flee into the cave.

The gang then precedes to follow it into the cave. Following the trail of blood it leaves behind, the gang easily follows the Nue's tracks until it ends by some water. After some thinking, the gang gets to higher ground and jumps into a current that carries them down a water and into a hidden cave. Here, they find and kills the Nue. Right before the Nue dies, it leaps backwards in front of a cave and dies in a protective position. They go behind the cave and sees that the Nue was caring for it's dead cubs. The group then regrets their actions and confronts Bunyan. After briefing them as to why he had them kill the Nue, they return to Cedar Woods with eased minds.




  • Nue


  • One of only two remaining Ladon statues is located here.


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