Mt. Myrneg
モーランジ山 Mooranji Yama (Mooranji Mountain)
Central Wyndia

Mt. Myrneg is a location within Breath of Fire III.


Mt. Myrneg is a mountain that connects the Yraall Region to Central Wyndia via Yraall Road. After the presumed deaths of Rei and Teepo, Ryu has to climb to the top of in order to reach Wyndia in hopes of finding them, as he believes that, due to Teepo's earlier statements, the group of three would leave this area one day and head to Wyndia. When he finally reaches the top, he sees Sunder urinating. Frightened, Ryu tries to quickly and quietly walk by him. This, however, fails as Sunder finishes and sees him. When he sees him, he immediately exclaims, "GHOST!" and backs up in fear. Balio appears and is amazed at Ryu for surviving their attack and complements. While Balio contemplates about how Ryu survived, Sunder continues to wail in fear, calling Ryu a "Vampire" and a "Zombie". Despite that, Sunder silently stabs Ryu in the back. Ryu collapses and Balio and Sunder laughs victoriously. To their surprise, the sword flies out of Ryu's back as he transforms into a green, baby whelp. Sunder is immediately frightened, but Balio, however, sees it as an opportunity to make money and decides to smuggle him to Wyndia to sell him there.


See AlsoEdit

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