ミュートプラント Myuutopuranto (Mute Plant)
Sprite Mutant Sprite
Mutant Grassmen

Mutant is a character within Breath of Fire III.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Mutant is a product of one of Palet's experiments gone wrong at The Plant. He is sent to The Dump, but in fear of having him discovered and his experiments exposed, Palet convinces Ryu, Nina and Momo to go and take care of him.

Momo is fascinated by Mutant when she meets him since he can talk, but soon after he attacks the party. After he is defeated he apologizes for attacking, saying his body attacked on its own. Afterwards Mutant tells them to use the conveyor to send him into the lava so that he may die as their original purpose was to dispose of him, and he himself feels he shouldn't even be alive to begin with.

As he is submerged in the lava, Momo expresses her wish to study him. He agrees with her thirst for knowledge, but warning her that they could create by mistake mutants far more dangerous than him. During his explaination, he suddenly falls silent and a little mutant jumps out of the lava, which appears to be angry. Momo interpretes the emerged mutant as its child and as a reminder so that maybe people will learn and remember to not create more mutants like him. The little mutant however sighs in frustration at Momo's explaination.

In the end, the party decides to adopt them and give them the name Peco.


Main article: Mutant (Boss)

Mutant is fought as a boss in the Dump.


  • As Peco reveals themselves as Yggdrasil during the end game, it can be assumed that the Mutant and Peco are one and the same person. Clues are Peco's anger in their first appearance as something went wrong and their frustrated expression towards Momo's explaination. Another clue are the voices the party heard near at the Yggdrasil tree, as they found Peco there after reuniting with Momo.
  • In the same vein, Peco may have feigned stupidity first to resign themselves to their new fate, another reason may have been later to fool Myria, in order to catch her offguard.


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