ナマンダ寺院 Namanda Jiin (Namanda Temple)

Namanda is a location within Breath of Fire II.


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Namanda is a place of worship and meditation west of FarmTown. The Shell Clan often go here to make an offering to their god St. Namanda praying for a good harvest. St. Namanda is said to be the god of the earth and crops. Namanda is a shrine in a cave containing dedicated followers of St. Namanda training against monsters and meditating on fire, spikes, and under waterfalls. Ryu and his party must go there to make an offering ordered by Daisy Marks as one of the chores she gets you to do. About the time you get back to Farmland she has gone missing.

Here is where an annoying button sequence (A B    B A  B   B   AB      A A) gets you Bombada.

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