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Nameless Ruins
名もなき遺跡 namonaki iseki
BoF6 ruins

Nameless Ruins is a location found in Breath of Fire 6.


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An ancient and mysterious ruin found deep within the Earlydawn Forest. Coming from a long-lost time, the reason behind their construction and purpose are unknown. There are dragon-shaped decorations that have survived within the ruins, so it is suspected this construction is related to the Dragon Clan. Since most of these ruins have been buried beneath the soil and trees of the forest, its full scale is unknown. They are also the habitat of unidentified and strange monsters which attack any intruder, making exploration difficult.

While investigating the surrounding areas in search of Ryu, the Hero and his friends encounter an amnesiac Nina. Then, she suddenly enters into a trance-like state and walks inside the ruins proclaiming that "Ryu is calling". The party quickly follows behind her.

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