Ni Ryong
泥竜(ノスト) Doro Ryuu(Nosuto)
Portrait NiRyongFace Sprite
Sprite Tinyryong
? north of the Dam

Ni Ryong is a character within Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IVEdit

Ni Ryong is the Mud Dragon, one of the Endless, and makes several appearances throughout the game, both as a transparent, serpentine dragon from and smaller, more modest avatar.

Ryu and the party first encounter Ni Ryong indirectly at the Dam. While they attempt to get to the other side, the dragon draws closer and breaks the sluice, nearly burying the party under a river of mud. The group encounters him again at a cliff on the way to Kyria, where he has come closer in an attempt to communicate. Unable to understand him, Cray pays a nearby woman to sing a song about the Endless, hoping to gain some insight. This proves unenlightening, however, and Ni Ryong disappears, after which the party leaves without having received any clear answers.

Ni Ryong shows up again with several other members of the Endless after Ryu and Deis summon them to the Yorae Shrine and request their power. Like his brethren, he believes Ryu’s meeting with Fou-Lu is an inevitable matter of destiny and that Deis’s desire to return to the world she originally came from is an impossible desire best abandoned.


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