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妖精ンジョモ Yousei Njyomo (Faerie Njyomo)
Portrait Faerie3Face1 Sprite
Wyndia Region
Requirement Njomo becomes available as a master once you have 8 faeries in faerie village and at least one house. However, Njomo becomes unavailable until Chapter 3 after the event at Pung'tap
HP 8 AP +1
Pwr 0 Def 0
Wis 0 Agl +2
' Criteria
Faerie Attack Have 8 faeries in the village
Faerie Breath Have 12 faeries in the village
War Shout Have 16 faeries in the village
Faerie Charge Have 20 faeries in the village
Will Pique - All counters are critical hits

Njomo is a character within Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IVEdit

Njomo is found in the Plains region at the ? spot north-east of Ahm Fen. She lives in a hut with her human husband. Njomo is available as a master after the completion of a side-mission for the faeries.

Njomo can be obtained as a master after visiting the faerie village, building a house, and gaining at least 8 faeries. Her Pique skill is great for someone who counter hits, like Ryu, Scias, or Cray, and the skills are good if you build up the faerie village for offense. Cray and Ershin gets great use of her as a master, since they both lack AP and speed, and the hit to HP is minor.


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