Ogre Road
オウガー街道 Ougaa Kaidou (Ogre's Road)
Dauna Hills

Ogre Road is a location within Breath of Fire III.


After the events in Dauna Mine, Ryu and Garr learn about the "monster" that is causing trouble here, attacking almost random people. Shortly afterward, at Syn City, after paying a bum 20 zenny for information, he discloses that the monster is some sort of tiger. When Ryu and Gar travel through the Ogre Road, the Weretiger attacks them and is fended off. Ryu and Garr continue traveling through the Ogre Road. After confirming that the Weretiger is actually Rei, Ryu, Garr, and now Nina try to stop him from killing off all of Syn City in an act of revenge. After Mikba is killed, Rei, officially joins the party and stops his rampage on this road.

Later, the party returns here in order to obtain the Horseradish ingredient for the shisu recipe, which is needed to get the spoiled mayor of Parch to help them find the "Legendary Mariner". Horseradish grows in groups of three in a small, marshy corner of the road. Ryu's sword is needed to cut it down and obtain it. It will regrow when the party leaves Ogre Road and re-enters it, allowing the party to obtain as much as they need. After that, Ogre Road plays no more importance to the story.





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