パブパブ Pabupabu
Pabpap is a location within Breath of Fire IV.


Pabpab is a large tree house in the Northern Islands region, accessed by traveling through the jungle. The name also refers to the fuzzy creatures that live there.

Upon entering the area, Ryu and his party are met with a shower of arrows, an attack that is stopped when a creature they helped earlier comes to their defense. This creature turns out to be Poko, one of the Pabpabs and wife of the human, Beyd, that comes out to greet them.

Members of this race have their own language and some of it has been written down and translated by Beyd. The book containing this information can be found in one of the upper levels.

In order to advance the plot, the party must heal one of the sick Pabpab, a task that involves traveling to the Nameless Island by ship and find the herb Mozweed.

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