ペレット Peretto (Pellet)
Sprite Palet Sprite
Non-Playable Character

Palet is a character within Breath of Fire III. He is the administrator at the Plant.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Palet is first encountered when Ryu, Nina and Momo stop at the Coffee Shop once they escape from Balio and Sunder's men at the Tower. He recognizes Momo and introduces himself before asking if she could come to the Plant to help him with a problem. Momo assumes he wants help with the machines her father, Repsol, built, so she agrees. When they arrive at the Plant Palet informs them that what he really wanted help with is to have the party take care of the Mutant that is inhabiting the Dump. The party takes care of this problem and as they are leaving, their intentions on getting back to Wyndia, Palet offers them a means of sneaking in by hiding in a cart of hay. Little do they know he secretly did this so they could once again get captured by Balio and Sunder, for fear of having his research exposed to those in Wyndia.

After Ryu becomes an adolescent and takes care of Mikba, Nina suggests they head to the Plant to resolve the problems arising lately from Palet's disappearance there. With Momo's help they discover his underground laboratory under the Plant and infiltrate it, eventually finding Palet. Here he reveals that using both Chrysm and sap from Yggdrasil he and Repsol were conducting research to bring the dead back to life. However, Repsol eventually decided it wasn't something he wanted to continue doing and stopped, instead choosing to develop the Chrysm reactors that help grow the enhanced crops. Palet continued, however, in hopes of bringing his dead mother back to life. In a fit of madness he consumes a flask containing the sap from Yggdrasil and transforms into Shroom. After being defeated the party flips the switch that stops the revival process, stopping his plans to revive his mother for good. The Plant is considered dangerous by the King of Wyndia once Nina reports the events to him, and ends up being ordered to shut down.


Main article: Shroom

Palet is fought in the underground laboratory, transformed into Shroom.

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