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Panacea is a recurring Recovery Item in the Breath of Fire series.


Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Effect Cures all status ailments
Target Single
Purchased Wyndia Item Shop, Genmel Item Shop, Arena Item Shop, Rhapala Item Shop, Urkan Tapa Item Shop, Syn City Item Shop, Parch Item Shop, Kombinat Item Shop, Caer Xhan Item Shop, Faerie Village Item Shop (Ability), Faerie Village Item Shop (Speed)
Found Inside McNeil Manor, Wyndian Catacombs, Mt. Boumore, Tower, Inside Wyndia Castle (2), Rhapala
Stolen Dragonfly, Fire Slug, Lizard
Dropped Bolt Archer, Man Trap, Nut Archer
Cost 100

Breath of Fire IVEdit

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