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パーチ Paachi (Perch)
Rhapala Region

Parch is a location within Breath of Fire III. It is a seaside town that is only accessible via a boat.


Ryu and his party attempt to learn more about the Legendary Mariner. They talk to the town's mayor as he seems to be the only person in town how knows about him. However, the mayor won't talk to the party due to the fact that he's tired of eating fish, which is all the village makes. This is because he got sick once. In order to get his help, the party has to find a way to make him eat fish again. Since the mayor hails from Central Wyndia, it is suggested to find and make him a dish from his home region, in this case shisu. After gathering the ingredients and learning how to make it from the wife of an artist in Maekyss Gorge, Ryu makes the mayor shisu, which makes the mayor happy again. He gives Ryu and co the "sea charts" which would show the party how to get to where the Legendary Mariner lives. Ryu is then rewarded depending on the quality of the shisu.

Notable ResidentsEdit


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