パティ Patii (Patty)
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Patty (also known as Patty the Phantom Thief) is a character from Breath of Fire II.

Role in Breath of Fire IIEdit

Patty is a mysterious girl with dragon-like wings who stole the Magic Hood at the beginning of the game. Due to Bow being at the crime scene, he is mistaken for being the thief and forces himself into hiding at a run down building to the west of HomeTown. In a bid to clear Bow's name, Ryu attempts to hunt down and find Patty, which is the motivation behind a hefty portion of the plot.

Ryu later locates her in the dungeon of SimaFort trapped and forced to work as a "sous chef" (though in reality, all she does is just round up the frog grub) for trying to steal the castle treasure. After finishing up Jean's dilemma and defeating Kuwadora, Ryu claims Patty and set off back to HomeTown to finally clear Bow's name. The group escort her to Trout's house but free her later when it is revealed that Trout is a demon motivated by greed.

Later when the party go to the Thief's Tomb to find the Resistance's sponsor they run into Patty who is, once again, trapped. Ryu frees her and she "flies" into the next room to claim her reward, only to discover the chest is a Thief's Grave, and holds a riddle. Ryu looks inside the grave and finds a switch which opens a hidden door to the real treasure chest that contains the Evidence. After claiming it and exiting the room, Patty "bumps" into him and steals the Evidence. Back at CotLnd, Ryu and the gang discover that Patty was the sponsor all along and got the money after hawking the Evidence. As the sponsor, Patty doesn't fight with Tiga and his unit, instead resorting to resting at his home in CotLnd.

Later after "Father" Hulk tries to destroy the dragon in Gate and unleash countless amounts of demons, he asks Ryu to find Patty, who strangely has connections with the dragon. Fulfilling the request is fruitless, as a local guard informs Ryu that Patty has left to a restaurant. A trip to the Wildcat Cafe proves unyielding as Patty has now re-located to the Thief's Tomb to look for more treasure. It is there that a helpful thief tells Ryu that she went to a new town to steal. Ryu then heads back to Township and finally catches her again. Ryu tells her about the situation in Gate and she flies off to examine the dragon. Reassuringly, she confirms that the gigantic dragon is safe. However, Habaruku reveals himself, having been two-timing as himself and Father Hulk, and reveals the reason behind wanting Patty. The doors to Infinity can only be opened by a member of the Dragon Clan. Screaming for her big brother, the sleeping dragon wakes up and throws Patty into the bush, protecting her from Habaraku's attack.

Oddly enough, after this scene, Patty is never to be seen or heard from again. It is possible that she was simply unconscious during the final events and woke up during the ending scenes, where Ryu is seen talking to the residents of Dologany, one of which who looks like Patty.

In the Gameboy Advance version, there is a cutscene in which Patty is shown to be far from Gate, looking in the direction of where the Dragon used to sleep. This is only available if the player receives the good ending and watches the credits roll.


  • It is heavily implied that she is actually Ryu's sister, Yua by noticing certain points following:
    • Dologany's gate requires the sacrifice of a Dragon Clan member, which Patty is revealed to be at the end of the game.
    • Patty exclaims she wants her "big brother" when Habaruku is about to kill her.
    • Patty and Yua share the same hair color, eye color, and even skin tone.
    • In the GBA artwork it is shown that Yua had elven ears like Patty's but smaller.
    • She is similar to Ryu, which is noticed by Nina after you find her for the first time in the Thieves Tomb. (Nina: "Don't you think Patty and Ryu look alike?").
    • Like Yua, Patty has an intense fondness of the dragon in Gate and, like Yua, Patty can talk to the dragon.
  • In Dologany, Patty can be seen walking around on the second level of the city. However, talking to her reveals that she is not Patty, but instead, a look-a-like. This implies that female members of the same dragon clan seem to share the same characteristics: body type, hair color, and even wings.


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