レイ Rei (Ray)

Ray or Ray Bradoc in the Japanese version is a character found in Breath of Fire II.

Role in Breath of Fire IIEdit

Ray Bradoc or Ray as he is commonly known, is a character within Breath of Fire II. He is a devoted member of the church of St. Eva. When Ray was an orphan child, he was taken in by Father Habaruku and raised in the teachings of St Eva.

Ryu, Katt, Nina and Sten first encounter Ray in the town of Capitan, where he is helping the townsmen rescue a lost child in the dry well. He enlists the party's help in finding the lost boy, and then later holds back a flood while the party evacuates the remaining townsmen in the well. Afterwards Ray will accompany the party back to Township and teach one of your party members a new spell (either "Renew" or "Cure2" depending on how many villagers were saved in the well).

However, as a member of the church of St. Eva, Ray quickly becomes an enemy of Ryu and the party. During the party's infiltration of the St. Eva Church, the high priest Habaruku orders Ray to kill Ryu and his party. Ray seemingly agrees to the command. The fight starts off impossible to win due to the damage Ray causes every round with his breath attack, but Ryu quickly ascertains knowledge of the Great Dragon transformation and vanquishes the servant of the church in one shot.

Once defeated Ray reveals that he was aware of his ties to the dragon clan and also of the evil of the church, but could not act against it because it was the only life that he ever knew. Before dying, he asked Ryu to make a world where there is a god that people can truly believe in.


Ray appears as a boss at the Grand Church.

See also: Ray (Boss)


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