Resistances are the affinities, or rather the ability to resist, the corresponding elemental attacks, effects and moves one character has.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Resistance is measured in levels ranging from 0 to 7. It is not possible to change the innate resistances permanent. However, resistances can be changed temporarily (semi-permanently?) with equipment. Resistances are capped at 6 unless some equipment sets it explicit to 7, like Ring of Fire does.

Flame, Frost, Electric, Earth & WindEdit

These resistances correspondingly modify the resultant damage.
Default resistances are 2.

Flame, Frost, Electric, Earth, Wind
LV Effect for elemental attacks
0300% as damage to HP
1200% as damage to HP
2100% as damage to HP; default level
375% as damage to HP
450% as damage to HP
525% as damage to HP
6no damage to HP
7100% absorbed as HP heals HP

Psyonic, Status & DeathEdit

Psionic effects usually come as stat-lowering effects like DEF.Down. For positive ones like ATK.UP no resistances are checked.
Status affects chances of being Poisoned, Sleeping, etc.
Death influences the chance of instant kill moves like Death but also includes the resistance probability for Death-type moves like Leech Power or Disembowel to succeed.
Default resistances are 2.

Psyonic, Status, Death
LV Resistance to Effects
0-200% resistance; weakness
1-100% resistance; weakness
20% resistance; default level
325% resistance
450% resistance
575% resistance
6100% resistance
7200% resistance (?)


Holy is a bit different, since it can be used offensively (like Aura) or restoratively (e.g. Heal). The tables show the difference. As a rule of thumb, all holy spells, which originally target the enemy are considered offensive (left table), while all spell originally targeting the own party(-members) are considered restorative. The targeting can be changed to "heal" Zombies, though.
Default resistance is 5.

LV Effect for offensive moves
0300% as damage to HP
1200% as damage to HP
2200% as damage to HP
3167% as damage to HP
4133% as damage to HP
5100% as damage to HP; default level
650% as damage to HP
7no damage to HP
LV Effects for restorative spells
0300%, HP damage
1200%, HP damage
2100%, HP damage
3no HP change
450%, HP restore
5100%, HP restore; default level
6200%, HP restore
7400%, HP restore


  • Depress is a Psionic-type move which inflicts AP damage on the enemy party. In this case, psionic behaves like an element-type using the same table as e.g. flame.
  • Chill is a Frost-type move, which inflicts frost damage on the enemy party, and has an additional chance to cause SPD.Down. The SPD.Down effect is checked against the targets' Psionic resistance.
  • Temptation is a Status-type move, which inflicts Confuse on the enemies, plus may cause DEF.Down, SPD.Down, and ATK.Down. Here, the entire move is used against the enemies' Status resistance, and has nothing to do with Psionic resistance in any way.

Characters ResistancesEdit

The characters have sometimes innate resistances as follows:

Character Flame Frost Electric Earth Wind Holy Psionic Status Death
Nina 222235222
Garr 422225222
Peco 222225224
All others 222225222
Whelp 623344323

Which means Garr takes only half the damage from fire attacks, Peco cannot be killed so easily and Nina is somewhat resistant against wind attacks.

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