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Breath of Fire
シスタードラゴン Shisutaadoragon (Sister Dragon)
BoFI SaraBossIdle
15000 180
320 220 60 250
8000 8000
Element "All Elements"
Row Front
Aiming Normal
AB priority 7
Location Pagoda
Drop DkKiss (7/8)
Life (1/8)
Drop rate 0.78125%
Actions Gale
Info -

Sara is a boss within the original Breath of Fire.


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Sara becomes brainwashed by Jade and not in controls of her actions, she is ordered to attack Ryu.


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The player should make sure they have a stockpile of Acorns and Marbles. It is preferrable if Ryu knows Rudra, Karn knows Puka, and Bleu knows BoltX.

Ryu should transform into either Rudra or the Bolt Dragon form, afterwards he should use Mrbl1s every round to score critical hits with his breath attacks.

Karn should be in his strongest fusion form, preferrably Puka, and use Marble every round.

Bleu should cast BoltX or whatever her strongest spell is that is beneath it, you need BoltX, because its both her strongest single target spell but also the cheapest of her powerful spells.

Nina should use FortX in the first round of combat to boost the teams defense and then ATK-Up on Karn and any other fighters you may be using, preferabbly Bo or Ox if you plan to use them. Afterwards she should be healing the party and recovering Bleu's AP.

It is ill advised to use Mogu or Gobi as they don't posses the stats or weapons needed to be effective in this fight. Bo and Ox can both be very powerful in this fight, if the player has obtained their strongest weapons, the HeroBW and Mallet, if not, it is better to use them in one of Karn's Fusion Forms.

Sara has a powerful attack but her biggest strength is her large HP pool, this makes the fight more of an endurance match than anything else. The player should try to play conservatively with Bleu and Nina's AP.

An alternative strategy is to simply use Ryu's Agni transformation to hit her for 999HP of damage every round.


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