シャイアン Shaian (Shyan)
BoF shaian-1-
N/A (Fusion)

Shin , also known as Shaian, is a character from Breath of Fire.

Role in Breath of FireEdit

Shin is a result of one of Karn's fusion abilities and is the result of fusing Karn, Bo and Gobi together.


Being a fusion character, Shin has access to some of the abilities owned by those who fused to make him. On the world map his abilities are comparable to Bo's. Shin is able to hunt with is bow on the world map, he is also able to easily travel through forests like a member of the Forest Clan can. Although not explicitly stated it is likely that Shin can breathe on both land and underwater without assistance like a Manillo can. He is probably a strong swimmer as well. In battle Shin battles with a bow. Like the rest of Karn's fusion abilities Shin's only spell is the Revert command.


  • Shin is one of the first fusion spells Karn can obtain.
  • Shin is the only one of Karn's fusions that use a weapon.
  • Shin is the only fusion spell made of only two people (not counting Karn) that can be in both land and underwater.
  • Shin is the fusion spell with access to the most map abilities.

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