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Station Myria
高空ステーション・ミリア Koukuu Suteshon Miria (Skyhigh Station Myria)
Station Myria
"Last stop: Orbital Station Myria arrivals platform."
Caer Xhan announcement

Station Myria, alternatively known as Orbital Station Myria or Obelisk, is a recurring location within the Breath of Fire series. It is the home of the Goddess Myria. The station is always located thousands of feet above ground and, as revealed in Breath of Fire, is able to move around in any direction. The origins of the station are unknown but it is believed that the goddess used her powers to create the station.

Breath of FireEdit

The station, known as the Obelisk, is buried beneath the imperial capital of Scande. The Dark Dragons enslave several members of the Dirt-Eating Clan to dig the Obelisk out from beneath Scande. After the goddess was freed by Jade, the Obelisk became active and took flight above Scande. Ryu and the party enter the Obelisk in an attempt to confront the goddess. They defeat Jade's final lieutenant, Goda, and then proceed to defeat Jade. After defeating the goddess, the Obelisk becomes unstable and begins to break apart. The Obelisk is destroyed and the goddess is also believed to have been destroyed.

Breath of Fire IIEdit

After being destroyed in Breath of Fire, the station, still known as the Obelisk at the time, lay in ruins and act as the foundations for the city of Highfort. The goddess was believed to have perished when the station was destroyed, we eventually learn that this is untrue.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

The station is located above the ancient city of Caer Xhan. The only access to the station is via an elevator. After exploring the station, Ryu and the party discover that Teepo has been living in the station, in Eden, at Myria's request. The party defeats Teepo and proceeds to the heart of the station to face the goddess. After defeating the goddess, the station once again becomes unstable and begins to collapse. Ryu and his friends escape using the elevator. They barely make it out before the station is destroyed.


  • It is unconfirmed whether or not Station Myria is a reconstructed version of the Obelisk from previous games.
  • Although the station was destroyed in Breath of Fire III, it's current status is unknown as it was also destroyed in Breath of Fire and rebuilt.


Breath of FireEdit

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

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