Steal is a Stat in Breath of Fire III exclusive to enemies. If the enemy holds an Item to be stolen, this Stat affects the likelihood of said Item being stolen by using Pilfer or Steal on the enemy. This success rate for stealing is determined by the steal level from 0 to 7 and the difference between the attacker's and the target's agility. Using Charm will raise said level by 1, but this works only once.

Steal Mod
Agility Mod Steal Mod
       >= 4912
< 49 & >= 2911
< 29 & >= 1910
< 19 & >= 99
<  9 & >=-108
<-10 & >=-207
<-20 & >=-306
<-30 & >=-505
<-50 4
Steal Rates
LV Steal Rate Drop Rate
00 (impossible)0 (impossible)
7321/1 (guaranteed)

The success rate for stealing is calculated with the following formula:

Success rate = Steal Mod * Steal Rate / 256

If the Item was not stolen, this item can be dropped with the provided Drop rate, which is equal to the rate for exclusivly dropped items.

For Example: Mist Man's Seeking Sword has a Steal Level of 3, giving it a steal rate of 6. Using Charm raises the Level to 5, giving it a steal rate of 16 (the chance to get the Sword nearly tripled). And if it is not stolen, there still is a 1/8 chance of it being dropped.

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