MiracleGene Sprite
Steel Beach
機械浜 Kikai Hama (Machine Beach)
Steel Beach
Sign SteelBeachSign Sprite
Urkan Region
"You should go down to Steel Beach. That's the best place to look for spare parts, see?"
— Chief

Steel Beach is a location within Breath of Fire III. It is the primary location for collecting machines as this is where the majority of them are washed up. The Porter's Guild controls the beach, therefore, permission is needed to enter.


After agreeing to help fix the ship, Ryu and the party (minus Momo) receive permission from the leader at Junk Town to enter the beach. The workmen won't let them gather parts until Garr agrees to help with hauling in something from the sea.

This starts a mini-game, where both Garr and the Boss will each pull two ropes. When his assistant raised the red flag, Garr pulls until he lowers it. If the white flag is raised, then the Boss pulls until it's lowered. The key is to do it quickly, but also keep the ropes within two meters of each other, otherwise one side will slip, and you'll have to start again. One you get to about four meters, a cutscene will occur, and you'll fight the Angler that you accidentally netted.

After you've defeated the Angler, you are now free to gather any parts that are on the beach and inside the Container Ship. You must gather all the parts available, even though there will be some multiples, and in the Container Ship, some parts are in out-of-the-way areas, so it is important to search as hard as possible. If you are unsure if you got all the needed parts or not, head back to Momo. If you are missing some, the updated image she give will mark off the ones you've gathered. If you have gathered all the parts, then Momo can fix the ship in Junk Town. 

Game Data Edit

The Mutant Gene can be located here by the shoreline, after defeating Angler.

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