タタールむら Tataaru Mura (Tatar Village)
Tantar drought

Tantar is a village within Breath of Fire.


Tantar is located between Winlan and Tuntar and is on the west side of the river. It is the new home to the Forest Clan who were driven away from their homeland by the Dark Dragons.

Prior to Ryu and Nina's arrival in the region, the Dark Dragons blocked of the river between Tuntar and Tantar in order to get the Ring from the Forest Clan. At one point a group of warriors from Tuntar chase the Dark Dragons to Lament Woods. When Ryu's group first arrive in Tantar, they learn that the Dark Dragons blocked of the river to get the Forest Clan's treasure, the Ring. Not wanting the Dark Dragons obtain the Ring but at the same time concerned about Tuntar as well, Tantar's Chief is at a loss on what to do. After the River is restored Tantar's Chief decides to let Ryu keep the Ring and gives him the key to the Lake Shrine. While Ryu and his group are away, the villagers of both Tantar and Tuntar prepare for Terry and Amelia's wedding. When Ryu's party returns the wedding begins. During the wedding, the General steals the Stone Robot and destroys Tuntar. He orders the Stone Robot to destroy Tantar as well but it stops moving. Ryu and his group stop the Robot, saving Tantar yet again. The Forest Clan takes pity on the villagers of Tuntar and allow them to stay in Tantar.



Tantar houses a weapon shop, Shrine to the Dragon God and an Inn.

Weapon Shop

Sabre 400 G
BronzRP 800 G
ShortBW 1000 G
Scythe 1200 G
Bandana 400 G
BronzeSH 500 G
SuedeAR 750 G
Visor 800 G

Notable ResidentsEdit

  • Tantar's Cheif
  • Terry

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