Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Boss
Level HP AP
49 1300 60
Attack Defense Magic Speed
78 50 60 38
Move AB Defense XP
50 0 2000
Fire Ice Electric
100% 100% 100%
Dark Death (Element) Holy (Element)
Immune Immune Immune
Attack Defense Magic Speed Move
25% 25% 25% Immune 25%
Poison Confusion Sleep
Immune 25% Immune
Bind Stun Frozen
Immune Immune 25%
Location Indust Two 1F
Steal C'mere!
Abilities Forcacion
Multi Attack
Info "Puts opponents to sleep with Sleep, then uses Forcaction & Drain to drain their energy."

Tantra is a boss found in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.


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First EncounterEdit

Tantra tends to attack multiple times in one turn so the player must be cautious about that, use Nina to lay down trap spells such as Fragball will help a lot doing around 100+ damage and the chance of stunning Tarntra as well. Along with being able to attack multiple times the player should carry some Wake Ups on them as Tantra tends to put the team asleep or confuses them.

At the beginning of the fight have Nina lay down a few Fragballs in one spot in from near Tantra, also have someone stand in or on the opposite side of the trap to try and lead Tantra into it. It's best to have three (maximum amount) traps laid down in one spot, this will cause Tantra to get multiple time and also waste his turns. Also don't be shy to heal, as Tantra can attack more than once in one turn the player should be weary of their teams over all health. The fight isn't very hard, Tantra's ability to confuse and put the team to sleep tends to drag out the fight longer.

Second EncounterEdit

QQQGene Sprite This section is a stub. Please help Breath of Fire Wiki by expanding it.


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