The Tidal Caves are a location in Breath of Fire III.

Tidal Caves
Rhapala Region

Story Edit

The Tidal Caves connect the Urkan Region to the Rhapala Region though the southern route across the cliffs. It's the only route that leads to Cliff. The party is required to traverse the Tidal Caves in order to find Gaist so they can free Deis. The Tidal Caves are known for the constant shift between high tide and low tide, which either grants or restricts access to various parts of the caves. The primary was it to traverse by foot, but the party can also take various rafts back and forth between certain locations during the different tides. The only way to exit Tidal Caves in order to get to Cliff is to wait until low tide. After it is crossed once, it can be bypassed on the world map, like most other locations.

Items Edit

Enemies Edit

Game Data Edit

The Gross Gene is located here at the end of the caves, near the exit to Cliff.

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