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きょうどうたい Kyodoutai (Community)
Mt. Fubi

Township is a location within Breath of Fire II.


In the first part of the game, you and Bow come to the ruins on the other side of the Mt Fubi and find Mina's pet Suzy and Niro. Later, you meet Rand who will repair ruins for you. When you save the children from the well in Capitan, you choose one of the carpenters and he builds three houses for you. When you populate all houses, you can ask him to build three more houses. After that you can't build any more houses. Once you've asked the carpenter for the upgrade, the town will be upgraded on your 8th visit.

In each house there can be one person invited to live there. Each person that fills a house is assigned to that house alone, therefore if you invite Poo to live in the village he is assigned automatically to house #1 which makes other characters uninvitable as they too would be assigned to house #1 such as Kay.

You can make your town flight-capable by talking to Eichichi in Guntz. After saving Ganer Bateson, when you go in the well and talk to Eichichi, Ganer will come and put himself in the machine, thus making it flight-capable.


House 1Edit

Back- Guntz armory/ Increases a character's defense rating temporarily.

Hekeller- HomeTown/ Opens a weapons shop that makes flame based equipment.

Kay- Coursair church/ Vaccinates the party against poison temporarily.

Poo- Coursair pub/ Gives you an item.

Watts- Circus outside of Tunlan/ Will give you hints how to find the "secret Character"

House 2Edit

Brockden- Showcave/ Opens a dojo in your town.

MacClean- W.Cape/ Takes you to his secret fishing spot.

Leminton- Capitan inn/ Opens an armory.

Win- Mt.Rocko/ Will change the color of the window for you.

Pechiri- Thieves' Tomb/ After inviting him, your bank funds will disappear. Talk to him, and he will ask you if you believe he's given up stealing. Tell him yes, and he will tell you to go to Thieves' Tomb to find the actual thief.

House 3Edit

Akky- A house west of the Sea of Trees/ She will talk to Katt only in her shaman form.

Baretta- Windia armory/ Opens an armory.

Macotti- Coursair pub/ Gives you nothing, but a poor man's gratitude.

Whoppi- Hometown church/ Gives you hints about what is happening in the game.

Azusa- Mt. Fubi/ Takes you to his secret hunting grounds.

House 4Edit

Barose- Wise Tree's Memory/ Will teach you 4 spells.

Garber- FarmTown inn/ Increases the offense of one character temporarily.

Karashinikofu (Kalashnikov)- Guntz/ Opens a weapon shop.

Locker- Capitan inn/ Changes the house colors.

House 5Edit

El- Tunlan/ Claims to protect the town. Has optional dialogue with Sten if obtained early enough in the game.

(You need Sten for this character to ask to go to Township.)

Hanz- Hometown/ Opens an item shop.

Martin- Tunlan inn/ He will ask you for money, if you give it to him he will disappears and does not return. If you refuse and leave TownShip, the next time you talk to him he'll apologise for trying to rip you off and give you 5000 coins

Yozo- WindiaFt/ Will raise one party members maximum AP 16 points permanently.

House 6Edit

Daiye- Windia inn/ Will sell you fish.

Salvador- Simafort jail cell/ Will build statues of the party around town for decoration.

Sumner- Tunlan/ Will play several of the game's songs for you.

Surfy- Northeast of TagWoods, across a gap which requires Sten to cross/ Opens a bank.

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