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Trinity is an organization found in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

Trinity is an organization opposed to the government in Deep Earth. The government in turn sees them as not much more than a terrorist group. They act as an anti-government establishment, lead by the former Regent Mebeth. Lin is a member.

The group investigates the governemnt and tries to expose their atrocities. They regulary harrass BioCorp and the Rangersas well as post anti-government propoganda throughout Sheldar. The organization is opposed to the D-Ratio system and so all of the members renounce their D-Ratio and keep them hidden.

Unbeknownst to both the members of Trinity and the populace, Trinity is actually an organization created by the Regents to serve as an outlet for the frustration the people of Sheldar feel, which in turn, keeps the population from actually revolting.

Known MembersEdit

  • Lin
  • Mebeth (Leader)
  • Servu


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