音楽の国 Ongaku no kuni (Land of Music)

Tunlan is a recurring location in the Breath of Fire series, appearing within the original Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II. In both games Tunlan is a land of music. In order to communicate with the locals a musical instrument is needed to speak with them and a Cowl is needed to understand them.


Breath of FireEdit

The only way to be able to communicate with the people of Tunlan is by finding the Maestro. You can find it in the middle to the left house in Gust, talk to the old man and he will tell you that its under the bed.

In the story, Tunlan is where the Time Key is located, as the royal family has guarded the artifact for generations since the Goddess Wars. When the party arrives, they learn that the Princess of Tunlan has fallen in love with Emperor Zog and wishes to use the Time Key's power to make them both immortal. The Princess' guardian feels the girl is being foolish and objects to her handing over the Tunlan treasure to the Dark Dragon Clan. The guardian asks the party to steal the key before the Princess can make an exchange but the plan is botched when the party gets the code to the vault incorrect. The Princess and her Royal Guard confront the party and Bleu takes matters into her own hand starting a huge catfight among the girls. In all the excitement, Jade's Lieutenant Cerl sneaks in and obtains the Time Key. The party fails to get the Time Key but resolves themselves to get it back.

Also in Tunlan is an amnesiac member of the Wing Clan who looks like an older Nina. According to the old couple that took her in, she just fell out of the sky one day and couldn't remember a thing and the couple has taken care of her since. After the conflict in Carmen with Cerl and Alen, the party realizes the amnesiac girl really is Nina and they have to seek out a famous doctor in Carmen who knows how to make the medicine to cure amnesia.  

Breath of Fire IIEdit

In Breath of Fire II you go to Tunlan seeking the Therapy Pillow, but upon arrival you cannot talk to any of the residents. A man will tell you that you can go get the Famous Flute in Highfort which lets you understand the people of Tunlan.

When you return to Tunlan flute in hand you meet the Queen who has become increasingly large which make her people worried. You then have to find an old wizard on an island full of mushrooms. After completing a task for him, he returns to Tunlan to take a look at the queen. He comes to a conclusion that monsters are inside her making her larger and larger and she is turning into a demon so he tells you to go inside her and get rid of them. Ryu agrees and he and his group are shrunk and enter the queen.

Once in there you must search different areas and get rid of all the Fattys; monsters inside the queen which are deforming her. Once the deed is done you leave the queen's body and Ryu is rewarded the Therapy Pillow.


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